About the Authors

The Emily Posts of the Modern Bedroom

Internationally respected veteran sexperts Em & Lo have penned six books on the topics of sex and love, including SEX: How to Do Everything, which the Guardian named one of the ten best sex guides of all time, alongside The Kama Sutra and Ovid’s Art of Love. (Read selected praise for our previous books here.) Em & Lo have written features for numerous magazines, including Glamour, Details, and Marie Claire; and have penned columns for New York Magazine, the Guardian, Men’s Journal, and Metro. They hosted a ten-episode television series called “SEX: How to Do Everything” which premiered in the UK in 2009. And they dish about sex, love and everything in between on their daily advice blog, EMandLO.com. You can contact Em & Lo via their website here.

About the Illustrator

Arthur Mount

Illustrator Arthur Mount (ArthurMount.com) has been in the biz for nearly twenty years, regularly publishing work around the world (including three of Em & Lo’s previous titles). His other clients include the New York Times, Wired Magazine, Harley-Davidson, and NASA.

About LELO

our pleasure object purveyors

We worked closely with LELO when writing this book because they are the kind of company we recommend: a place you can trust not only with your credit card information but also your genitals, a place that cares about using materials that are both body-safe and green, a place that provides warranties and care & cleaning instructions with their items, and a place that creates designs that are pleasing to both the eye and the body. Founded in Sweden in 2003, LELO has transformed the look, feel, and function of bedside accessories, bringing a new level of luxury to the field. We like to think of them as the Apple of the sex toy world (and we’re die-hard Mac fans all the way). Like us, LELO‘s team believe fervently in safety, quality, and aesthetics—the trifecta of any decent intimate lifestyle product! So whatever blindfold, feather tickler, love ring, flogger, or other kinky accoutrement you buy, please do make sure it measures up. And insist that your favorite shop stock it! In the meantime, enjoy the fabulous photos on this site thanks to LELO.